Love Poems, Love verses and Love poetry

Love Poems, Love verses and Love poetry
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If you are looking for the best short love poems you have come to the right place, we have prepared for you a compendium of the best love verses so that you can send them to your partner or post them on your social networks. You do not have to copy them literally, you can also use them to inspire you and personalize them to your liking.

Love poems for my girlfriend

  • My heart will love you to the last beat, like the birds that share a lifetime of flight, and you for me, my love, are the best travel companion I could have.
  • I remember that first wet kiss with the nostalgia that only the years can teach you, I always remember it between smiles because it made me blatantly happy.
  •  Only yours I will be, whenever you want, I will love no one else because yours are my guts. As the days go by I will grow old with the tenderness of your eyes.
  • I want you to wake up next to me, because seeing how the first faint rays of sunlight illuminate you gives me enough vitality to last all day.
  • Without you by my side everything loses meaning, everything is a gloomy shadow that hides between the entrails of the long night of time.
  • Although it may not seem like it to you, my tranquility is weaker than it seems, and it is that behind this appearance of an impenetrable wall hides a heart of glass that is afraid to face the hammer of your absence.
  • When I touch your sweet hands, gently, caressing them, I feel the happiest man in the world, it charges me with the energy to go up to the Himalayas and down it.

Love poems for my boyfriend

  • You have filled my long nights with dreams, I find you in the most remote places of my battered soul, I miss your rough body, your lion’s gaze. Hug me again with your strong arms I need you, my man.
  • I love when you give me a smile, because it means that, at least for an instant, I have managed to invade the privacy of your undaunted thoughts.
  • I want to share with you all the springs that I have left, grow like moss in the ruins, never to leave your life.
  • The day I understood that I would want to spend the rest of my life with you, it started to make sense.
  • Tomorrow when you get up you will read this message, insomnia has taken hold of me, although there are a thousand problems that stir up, knowing that I have you by my side gives me enough strength to overcome them all.
  • Happy dreams my child, I go to bed with the firm conviction that when I wake up tomorrow, I will love you more than today, but less than tomorrow, like a sea into which many rivers flow.
  • I only need your smile to shine my days, and the rough image of your naked torso to make them burn completely.
  • I feel very fortunate to have by my side the man of my life, the Lion who defends his litter tooth and nail.
  • Sometimes I would like to love you as much as I admire you, but I find it difficult. In reality, it is impossible for there to be love if there is neither admiration nor fascination for the other person.
  • Thank you for making my days easier and sheltering me at night, you are the sun and the moon.
  • Your voice resounds in my heart to the rhythm of a bolero, I would like to dance close to you the rest of my days.
  • Although there are many people who come and go on the tram of my life, you are always the final station, the one I always want to get to, my refuge, my home.

Love poems to make my girlfriend fall in love

  • Let the world know, let the world know, that I have the most beautiful girlfriend on the planet.
  • My heart beats and beats at an unbridled rhythm when I hold you in my arms.
  • You are inside my life and I don’t want to take you out of it, my girlfriend.
  • I love you with a whole heart, I don’t love you in half. I love you with everything I have, I do not love you with pettiness.
  • One day his gaze overshadowed me and the effect was so great that it took over my heart.
  • My yearning to see you grows every day, I’m dying to have you with me night and day.
  • You are perfect for me, as crazy and sincere as I always seek.
  • You didn’t come into my life late or early, you came at the right time.
  • When I give myself to something I do it in its entirety, that’s how I give myself to you, my little one, with all that my heart can give.
  • Although my friends oppose who we are, I will hold your hand at any moment.
  • I will never tire of telling you how beautiful you are, contemplating your angelic face is one of my greatest pleasures.
  • If you speak to me with that tenderness, I cannot resist your charms and I end up giving in to your orders.
  • Love, I’m afraid of losing you one day, that’s why I do whatever it takes to be better and stay in your life.
  • I just had an idea: spend the rest of my life with you.
  • I have many dreams with you and traveling the whole world is one of them.
  • They might think I’m crazy but I’m completely in love with you.
  • When our paths crossed, I discovered that I am lucky.
  • I was not a believer, but the day you told me you loved me I was convinced that there must be an intelligent God.

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Romantic poems

  • Maybe just looking at you for a second is enough to charge me with energy for a whole day, you have a mystical something that surrounds you in a veil of penetrating fascination.
  • I love the sweet smile that your eyes draw when they see me, it makes me feel like a bird that has regained its freedom, a small piece of paradise given to mortals, something worth living and telling.
  • The treasure of the 7 seas, the force of the winds that raged madly, the calm of the water in slight movement that precedes them … this is how I feel when I sail between your worlds, a pirate angry with freedom looking for the chest of your heart .
  • If I had lovers in your eyes, I would not need anything else, your sweet gaze thawed my stony heart to bring me back to life, I am your creature in this story of love and scaffolds.
  • A few moments in your arms and time stops, although the hands of the clock continue their course and the sun does not stop moving. I will always love you with the madness of the first day, under that halo of hopes and promises.
  • I will take with me, wherever I go, all the good memories you have given me, the looks, the smiles, the furtive kisses and the starry nights. We are what we have lived, the rest does not matter because the earthly is carried away by the wind.
  • You will never get to imagine what your wild panther eyes attract me, that penetrating, slanted gaze, with the value that the years give it and how exotic it can become over time.
  • Over the years I have learned to appreciate you better, you are like good wines, which are never chopped and endure indelibly as the days go by, and our love is stronger than the passage of time.
  • I love you, it is not easy to say, we all feel deep down a bit of fear to love, but to be able to say it, and if it is true, is the best of liberations, it means leaving a long and stormy captivity.
  • If I had to choose, I would always choose you, but choose between what? Between you and anything else, whatever it may be, and it is that love is capable of making even the most sane go crazy.

Love verses

  • In the calm of my room you are always present, my mind projects you addicted to you, it can no longer forget the sweet memory of your kisses.
  • The cold, the snow and the ice, the loneliness, and suddenly a fortuitous heat timidly to end up taking over everything. You, the most unexpected spring.
  • Every second that passes is blown away by the wind, and only memories, nostalgia and love remain. Falling in love was my best choice, although I didn’t really have another.
  • My life was too long before I met your lips, the nights are too short by your side, the seconds when you see me know nothing of your absence.
  • What do the lips of someone in love taste like? Only thanks to you did I know the answer, and I learned that there are questions that, although difficult to answer, can change your life. Thanks for all the good times.
  • I take you in the depths of my soul, where no one can find you, because you have always been for me and you will always be for me.
  • Our hands touching under the light of the first rays of the sun is the closest thing to the gates of paradise that has ever existed.
  • Believe it or not, just with your smile you already upset my whole world, there are images that are never forgotten, there are gestures that are priceless.
  • Sometimes we realize too late, that only the right person can save us from the most disastrous situation, if, instead, we choose to be next to a disastrous person, we will always end up in an absurd situation.
  • Love me as much as I loved you, love me all your life, this and let them come, because we are alone and on earth we will become.
  • I fell in love with your eyes first, then with your gaze, but now that I know your soul by heart, I could never live without it again, when something sweet invades you and makes you addicted it overflows.

Love poetry

  • You will be the fire of sin that burns in your mouth, you will be my morning delirium, the warm embrace of an Eskimo. You will be the seed of my new life.
  • Give me endless smiles, make the sun never set, as in the old overseas empires.
  • I would like to be the smoke that caresses your lips, thickly, but as who does not want the thing, and then I become the smell that slowly permeates your body.
  • Sometimes I long to lose your soul in the corners, right between nostalgia and hope, a place of contrasts, our place to dream.
  • Teach me the joyous game of the birds, the one during which they are together all their lives, show me the recesses of your loneliness, of your wounded soul, make me see your joys and your fears, because I only want to be by your side.
  • We are going to go through the passages of our memories, one by one, as if they were a photo album, and remember how happy we were together, to continue being so.
  • I dream of you slowly between the sweat of the sheets, I stir because I feel longing for you, fill my empty nights with your presence.
  • I have been dreaming of hugging you every morning for years, the loving aroma of your absence sour my saddest memories, facing only your illuminating presence that gives off an aura of hope.
  • Being by your side is simply the illusion that allows me to dream, without hope. What is the meaning of life? Nostalgia alone cannot be the nourishment for a laudable future, one must not allow oneself to be overcome by the ghosts of fear and comfort.
  • We are going to let ourselves be carried away by the song of the birds, by the appeal of sweet wine and the taste of a good banquet, let us unleash the passion, little by little, and burn in a hell of desire and debauchery until our hearts hold.
  • I only hope that you do not stray too far from me, that you remain by my side until the dawn of time. Without you I don’t know how to move in this labyrinth called the world.