NETFLIX ‘The squid game’, 12 curiosities of the current series

NETFLIX 'The squid game',

NETFLIX ‘The squid game’, 12 curiosities of the current series. If you have not been living in a cave for the last few days,
you will know very well what the series of the moment is. You may or may not have a Netflix subscription, but what is clear is that
” The Squid Game ” is the only thing that is heard and read wherever we go. Your friends recommend it to you and you still don’t know whether to give it a try,
maybe you’re tired of so much advertising, but believe us when we tell you that you’re going to devour
it in just a couple of days. Leaving aside the critical aspect, we are facing a new milestone for the platform, and that is
that South Korean production is about to surpass the great streaming ships such as ‘The Bridgertons’,
‘The paper house’, or ‘ Stranger Things’.


Today we bring you 12 curiosities of the series that perhaps you have gone unnoticed and thus we are making time for its new season (it is not confirmed but we put our hands in the fire that we will see it soon). If you haven’t seen it, we encourage you to do so and then come back to this list because it’s full of SPOILERS :

-The script has been written since last year 2008, but until now no one had dared to produce it.

-Many fans of Asian cinema have accused her of plagiarism. Especially in Japan, and some viewers compare it to ‘Battle Royale’ or the recent series ‘Alice in Borderland’, also on Netflix. But what makes us think of it is the 2014 film, ‘As the God’s Will’, which has an almost identical premise and a first game also based on the ‘Red light, green light’, but without a giant doll. . ”It is true that the first game is similar, but after that, there are no similarities. I worked on ‘The Squid Game’ in 2008 and 2009, and at that time, the first game was already arranged as ‘Red light, green light,’” says Hwang Dong-hyuk, director and screenwriter.

-The official teaser trailer released by Netflix just a month ago was called ‘Round 6’, as the project was known.

-In the direction of photography we can see how green and pink predominate over other colors. The most significant are the uniforms of the players and the guards. The first of them is chosen because it reminds him of Hwang’s school uniforms, while pink is the opposite color to green on the chromatic scale, showing the many differences between them.

-These differences are also represented in the skins of the game organizers. We can see how the circle, triangle and square are the shapes chosen for the masks, why is this? Well, to show the hierarchy between them, the more corners the mask has, the more power its wearer will have.

-The director is an enthusiast of the plastic arts, so the majority of the scenarios are real scenarios in which computer effects have hardly been used. Proof of this is the game of ”Red light, green light”, where the players were stunned to see a giant doll at the end of the set.

-Referring to the scenarios, we see how the characters spend most of their stay in a common room. At the end of the story, seeing only three beds in it, we realize that the games are drawn on the walls, having been used as a clue for the players.

NETFLIX ‘The squid game’

-On occasion, we have seen a corridor full of stairs. He managed to get our attention, but if you’re smarter, you may see similarities with the works of MC Escher, because the director has claimed to be a great inspiration for that room.

-As Hwang has explained on more than one occasion, the simplicity of the games is due to the fact that his priority as a writer is for the viewer to focus on character development and not waste time trying to guess the answer to a great enigma.

-The series is full of symbolism, especially in the numbers. We see how our beloved protagonist is number 456. At the beginning of the series, we see how the same character wins 4,560,000 won in his bet on the horse race.

-We know that Netflix is ​​unique when it comes to promoting its series, there are many examples of ingenious advertising, but with this series it went further. In several countries they placed giant dolls in various parts of the capitals, but the most surprising thing is that in a crowded subway in Seoul, they recreated a theme park of ‘The Squid Game’. HoYeon Jung, who plays Sae-Byeok, did not want to miss the event.

-From the beginning we have been given clues that the old man was the creator of the game, proof of this is his dialogues in which it seems that he knows more than necessary. But a detail that left us speechless when we discovered it, is when the undercover policeman accesses the files of the 2020 edition of the game. If we stop the frame, we can see how the list begins directly with number two, completely ignoring the first of they.

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