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They disturb, annoy, oppress and sometimes can cause damage… How can we put an end to the noise? The World Health Organization (WHO) defines noise above 65 decibels (dB) as noise pollution. However, hypersensitive children, with auditory processing disorders or neurodevelopmental problems, can quickly feel oppressed by noise even below 65 dB. At Hop’Toys, we offer anti-noise solutions to make certain moments of everyday life quieter.

Anti-noise solutions for young and old

New: “Quieter” earplugs

“Calmer” earplugs incorporate a unique technology that reduces distortion in the ears, calms the environment and reduces disturbing frequencies without muffling the sound. They calm sound sensitivities creating a less stressful environment. For people who have hearing sensitivity due to tinnitus that cannot be cured, these plugs can reduce it by muffling the ringing in the ears. They also block out a lot of decibels, which helps reduce the harmful effects of sound. For example, loud music, fireworks, a crowded shopping mall…

In the case of children, they are suitable for use at school, at recess or in the park, on transport or even in front of the television. Calmer attenuates background noise and high frequencies, allowing you to focus on the essentials.

“Calmer” caps have a small opening. Therefore, they do not isolate the sounds that you want to hear. They are very useful for people with: sensitive hearing, hypersensitivity to sound associated with autism, hyperacusis, noise stress, people with dys or ADHD and other hearing disorders. It is available in two models: child and adult and in various colours: blue, grey, white, black, red, purple…

They have been tested by the Sound and Vibration Research Institute at the University of Southampton.

ear plugs

In short, Calmer earplugs:

  1. They are barely noticeable in the ear
  2. They are extra soft, washable and reusable
  3. Made of safe and non-toxic silicone

Flare (of which “Calmer” is one of its flagship products), is always looking to develop new sound technologies that protect and improve the sound experience.

Our other plugs

Ear plugs

worksafe earplugs : These earplugs for very noisy places: office, public places… They reduce annoying noises and allow conversations and alert sounds to be audible.

partyplug earplugs : Ideal plugs for musical events. They prevent tinnitus with protection up to 25 decibels. Comfortable, practical and mobile to be able to take them anywhere. Contains: earplugs, protective box. Reusable. silicone free

noise-canceling helmets


Earmuffs provide beneficial noise reduction for people who are sensitive to noise and, in general, for all children. However, anyone can use them. Every day, even if we don’t realize it, we are overstimulated by noise pollution. Maybe work in an open space? Or do you travel by public transport? Maybe do the shopping in a supermarket? The noise is everywhere and sometimes it is constant.

Young children’s ears are still developing and are therefore especially fragile. Exposing them to loud sounds for a long time can affect their hearing. Noise-cancelling headphones help isolate you from surrounding noise so you can focus better. At a concert, fireworks show, or at school, they provide hearing protection for young children. Finally, for children with autism, ADD/ADHD, or sensory hypersensitivity, noise canceling headphones can reduce surrounding sound in crowded places like train stations, airports, shopping malls, parties, etc.

noise-canceling helmets

Baby earmuffs: Baby’s ears are fragile and often exposed to harmful noise. For this reason, we offer you a special anti-noise helmet for babies. With a very soft ribbon and velcro closure. 0-24 months

Adult earmuffs : Ideal for dealing with intrusive auditory stimuli and unexpected loud noises, these new earmuffs have an attractive, modern and compact design. Provides 33 dB of ambient noise reduction. Thanks to its double headband, it is durable, light and comfortable

Customize your earmuffs!

helmet covers

Noise-reducing helmet covers: Easily fit on noise-reducing helmets to personalize them! Rigid plastic. Available in 2 designs: Target and Carbon. Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 cm.

The advantages of earmuffs:

  1. Protect hearing development
  2. Allow sensory breaks
  3. They calm nervousness and anxiety
  4. Reduce noise-related stress
  5. increase concentration

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When are helmets or plugs used? What are the benefits for your child or for yourself? Share with us in the comments.