Queen Elizabeth and the British Royal Family’s Favorite Flowers


Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth has planted many trees over the years. Photo Tim Rooke

Not everyone knows, but in addition to her passion for Corgi dogs, cars and horses, Queen Elizabeth was a huge fan of flowers and gardens. She liked to gaze at the immaculate gardens of the different royal palaces. She was involved in the inaugural plantings, had her own gardening tips and cultivars that honored her, such as Rhododendron ‘Queen Elizabeth II’. In addition, the Queen visited and helped promote the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (“RHS Chelsea Flower Show”), officially called The Great Spring Exhibition.

The Chelsea Flower Show is an annual exhibition on gardens and gardening, held by the Royal Horticultural Society (“RHS”) on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea, London, England. It is the most famous exhibition of its kind in the UK and one of the most important in the world. However, in 2020, the year in which the Coronavirus Pandemic made it impossible for the event to be enjoyed in person, the event went online for the first time in history. And to help promote the event and mark the May celebration, the royals took to the official Twitter account to share their favorite flowers. They particularly engaged with an RHS initiative linked to Mental Health Awareness Week, which asked people to share photos of their flowers to “help alleviate anxiety and provide a moment of respite in current circumstances.”

A good part of the flowers are not commonly found here in Brazil, but eventually we can see them in cut flower stands and collections. Either way, it will be a pleasure to enjoy them and be inspired by the royals’ favorite flowers in the images below:

1. Queen Elizabeth: Lily of the Valley

lily of the valleyThe delicate flowers of the lilies of the valley (Convallaria majalis) resemble small white, rounded bells and were a favorite of the queen. Lovers of temperate climates, lilies of the valley are not easy to grow in our warm Tupiniquin lands. They form part of the permanent flowerbeds at Buckingham Palace, and their flowering branches were included in the composition of the Queen’s coronation bouquet in 1953. The lilies of the valley symbolize trustworthiness. Know more “

2. King Charles: Spur

spur or dolphin

Already the favorites of the newest sovereign of the United Kingdom are the spurs (consolidate ajacis). A symbol of positivity, spurs are regularly grown in the gardens of Highgrove House, the official residence of the Prince of Wales period. The king himself explains his predilection: “For me, the magnificent and glorious spur, with its impeccable bearing and gathered in platoons, occupies a prominent place in my botanical affections.“.

3. Queen Consort Camilla: Lady’s Cloak

lady's cloak

The new queen consort prefers the simplicity of the lady-mantle species (Alchemilla mollis). A rather unusual choice for a favorite plant. But as she herself said: “This plant with a fluffy flower and lime green color is one of the best bedding for both the garden and for pots. Every gardener should know her.”

4. Princess Anne: Hellebore


The princess herself explains her favoritism. “Hellebores not only bloom early, but continue to bloom for two months, and are often beautifully marked with endless variations.” That is, in addition to remaining blooming for long periods, it is possible to find many options of colors and patterns in the flowers of the hellebore (Helleborus x hybridus), a species of temperate climate.

5. Count Eduardo and Countess Sofia: Azaleia

Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son and daughter-in-law, the Earl of Wessex and his wife, share their fondness for azaleas (Rhododendron simsii). They appreciate the vivid colors of the flowers, which as they themselves commented “are breathtaking” and their intoxicating scent.

6. Duchess Brigite: Sweet Pea

sweet pea

It is not difficult to understand the Duchess of Gloucester’s favoritism for sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus). The delicate flowers look like colorful butterflies and climb delicate supports, sprucing up gardens and vases in spring and summer.

7. Duke Ricardo: Margaret

The Duke of Gloucester prefers simple daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare). He explains that “he likes to dig between the paving stones and transfer them to another place where they can grow properly and healthy”.

8. Princess Alexandra: Rose “Golden Celebration”

Golden Celebration Rose

in love with roses (rose x grandiflora), Princess Alexandra, cousin of Queen Elizabeth, has a special affection for the cultivar “Golden Celebration”, a bush rose bush with very folded flowers, golden yellow color and intense perfume. She says that “it gives a great pleasure to look at and has the most extraordinary and unique perfume”.

9. Princess Diana: Forget-me-not


Lady Di, the beloved and emblematic Princess of Wales, had a special fondness for forget-me-nots (Myosotis scorpioides). And we can only know this today, due to the affection of Prince Harry, who in more than one moment honored his mother with flowers, as when he planted forget-me-nots in a preschool in California on the 23rd anniversary of his mother’s death.

10. Princess Kate: Narcissus


The Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall, and the new Princess of Wales, Catherine Middleton did not express their favoritism for any particular plant. However, it seems there is a captive place in her heart for the Daffodils (Narcissus cyclamineus), which were part of her wedding bouquet, as well as flowers from the forests, as she has already expressed.

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