Riot Forge and the expanded universe of ‘League of Legends’, a promise for the future

League of Legends

Riot Forge and the expanded universe of ‘League of Legends’, a promise for the future. Riot Games is on the up lately. The creators of ‘League of Legends’ are giving it their all in the two scenarios they face. Its base game continues to grow in public and the support for the esport scene makes it more attractive to a certain sector of players every day. But how do you appeal to the masses and grow your brand when your core product is already globally recognized?

Riot Forge is the answer. Instead of dedicating itself exclusively to developing and improving its titles, the company offers a hand to other developers to release more products. It was a proposal that they declared loudly in 2019 and that made many people attentive, but it did not reach many ears. This 2021 everything has changed. And it will continue to do so in the future.

Today’s Achievements League of Legends

Riot Forge’s greatest achievement is out now in its entirety, and it’s not even a video game. The ‘Arcane’ animated series tells the story of the protagonists of ‘League of Legends’ before they start their war against each other. He has done a lot to characterize and put a face to emblematic characters of the game like Vi, Jinx or Caitlyn. The public has loved it.

The first season of ‘Arcane’ has won over the public and the critics with a very unexpected success. Its nine episodes are full of style and personality that have encouraged many to download the famous MOBA. The animation team has been quick to promise a second season with more Champions on the horizon and, like this one, it will be available in full on Netflix.

During the multimedia revolution of this series is when Riot Forge made its strongest move. To everyone’s surprise, it has released two new video games in a digital version located in the same universe, and both with very different audiences.

‘Hextech Mayhem’ is a musical platform of a comedic nature with Ziggs as the protagonist in his time in Piltover. ‘Ruined King’, on the other hand, is a turn-based RPG with Miss Fortune, Ahri and four other Champions fighting for the liberation of Backwaters, much more focused on its narrative. Both are sweeping and reaching out to audiences who were already interested in the universe with the idea of ​​hitting somewhere. And they are getting it.

tomorrow’s commitments

The achievements that Riot has achieved this November is only the first step. In view of 2022 they have two other video games
that they will publish in the same world with different proposals. ‘CONV/RGNCE’ promises to be a metroidvania-style platformer with Ekko, the time traveler, as its main hero through various cities. ‘Song of Nunu’ is on the other hand a simpler 3D adventure for the
whole family with Nunu and Willump sharing the screen developed by the Spanish masters of Tequila Works.

They don’t stay there. If we didn’t have enough, ‘Project L’ is also in development, a promising 2D fighting game with characters
from this world that is generating so much interest. Riot Forge has shown its gameplay as opposed to a scene from ‘Arcane’,
although it warns us not to expect it until at least 2023. We also don’t know where the second season of the series will be.

What we do know is that Riot has got it right on how to expand their empire. ‘League of Legends’ is a name recognized throughout the world but it only attracts a percentage of players. With these surprise releases and quality ahead the company has secured the future of its IP. People are more excited than ever to learn more about Runeterra’s fantastic backstory, and with all these different kinds
of offerings they’re catching up with some of today’s biggest media names.


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