The return of classical art in interior design


Interior design, The rediscovery of the ancient beauty of the human body, which is a trend in interior design.

Interior design, Ancient art has always been a precious companion, of furniture and decoration, in the residences and in the ancient villas, in the past. In recent decades, however, thanks to the desire for essentiality, it has been replaced by contemporary, monochromatic works, geometric furnishings and essential lines, making our interiors aseptic, and somewhat absent.

Today, however, our homes, also thanks to the pandemic and the rediscovered time, heat up, come back to life through relics and objects of other times, far away. In fact, for some time now, the fashion to combine design lamps and modern furnishings with small classical sculptures, busts and naked bodies, in plaster, stone and wood.

In common one and only one thing: the human body.