Tips for caring for pets at Christmas

pets at Christmas

Tips for caring for pets at Christmas. During the Christmas holidays, pets, which are one more member of the family, should also celebrate this special moment with us without forgetting that sometimes they require special care . These dates, when gifts, meals and visits abound, we usually have a high levFel of stress, which will also affect our pets.

At AnimalWised we want to help you so that the whole family can enjoy the holidays and to do so we will guide you on how to care for pets at Christmas . How can we avoid stress or how to act when they already have it?

Christmas and pets

Christmas is a very special time: the entire house is dressed in Christmas colors, lights, tablecloths and special foods, appropriate to the hemisphere where we celebrate.

But what about our pets? It does not matter if it is a rabbit, cat, or any other pet that they share these days with us, many times, the only company will be them and for them, us, so it will not be enough to change the color feeder , make some cookies or dress it with a Christmas hat, we must give it a differential treatment and share the essence of Christmas with our pets.

Many times we do not need to give him an expensive or large gift on occasions, with a few hours of walking in the park and wearing a new toy for the first time , it is enough. It is important to make them participate in the event, if we have a gift with our name under the tree, why can’t they have the same?

fireworks and pets

Some animals do not suffer from the noise of fireworks but there are others that are very upset, as a result, there are owners who choose to offer tranquilizers on these dates.

The consequences suffered by animals that get upset are often irremediable: they run away from home losing their way and not being able to return home. Others bark all night or hide shivering in the bathroom or under the bed. To help you get through this situation, we offer you some advice :

  • Placing your dog or cat with an identification tag, if it does not already have one, is essential. Especially those animals that suffer and that also have access to the outside must be correctly identified in case they escape.
  • On the day of the holidays increase your physical activity so that at night you are more tired than usual. Practicing obedience, playing with the ball or exercising him actively are some ideas.
  • Do not leave him tied or alone since he can hang himself from anxiety.
  • If he wants to hide, let him. You can even prepare a “nest” in which he feels safe and comfortable. Some animals appreciate being able to enjoy a dark and remote place in which to take refuge.
  • If you are in a new or unknown environment for him, do not leave him alone.
  • If he is home alone, put on music and leave his favorite toys nearby. You can even look for some that combine mental stimulation and food, since this way they will spend more time entertaining.
  • If he doesn’t have an appetite, don’t force him to eat.

Natural remedies to calm dogs and cats

  1. Allopathic tranquilizers : the best known is Acepromazine, whose doses must be prescribed by a veterinarian,
    otherwise our pet may suffer side effects. It is not a harmless drug.
  2. Homeopathic tranquilizers : more used than the previous one, it should also be indicated by a homeopathic
    veterinarian or therapist. The most used is Aconitum.
  3. Bach flowers : they must be indicated by flower therapists to give the most indicated in these cases, according
    to the pet and the situation it will experience. The most used are Aspen or Red Chestnut.
  4. Valerian : is a well-known medicinal plant worldwide and is easy to handle by anyone.

christmas trips

If we decide to spend Christmas away from home, we must keep in mind what we will do
with our pet. If we choose to take our pet with us , we must consider that the destination
will be a totally new environment, added to the strange noises and different smells, we
will have an animal, in general, somewhat stressed, nervous and even scared.

It is best to choose to arrive at the new site with more time than usual so that you can get used to it as best as possible. Also, we should not leave him alone in a room, allowing him to always have us visible. Finally, we recommend trying to bring all your things with which you feel most comfortable: feeders, blankets, toys…

In the event that he stays at home , we can leave him with someone he trusts or,
if he remains alone, we can ensure that the environment is safe so that he suffers as little as possible. 

Do not leave windows open or, what is better, nothing different from what he has when we go out
for a walk and he stays alone for a few hours.

Finally, we remember that there are veterinary clinics and residences where we can leave our pet if we go on vacation. Look for a place where they take care of pets at Christmas and offer them a positive treatment.

Christmas games, gifts and recipes

There are many games that we can share with our pets. Just as we like to play with the children in the house, we can spend
a little more time with our furry family. There are toys that we can make ourselves at home but you can also take advantage of these dates to
get a gift for your partner.

Apart from the toys and other gifts that you want to share with your pet, you can take advantage of the time that the holidays offer
us to prepare a tasty recipe , always according to its species and limitations. Discover some Christmas recipes for dogs and other Christmas recipes for cats .

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