‘Uncharted’, 8 curiosities of the adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game


‘Uncharted’, 8 curiosities of the adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game. The world of video games and cinema have been like cat and dog. We can count on the fingers of our hands adaptations that we have enjoyed on the big screen. When someone is asked about these adaptations, tapes like ‘Mortal Kombat’, ‘Resident Evil’ or ‘Tomb Raider’ usually come to mind and put their hands in their faces due to the disaster of these. It is true that from time to time we can ensure, despite not surpassing the original title, that they manage to make us have a good time.

Uncharted A good Adaptation

There are certain video games that could well be a million-dollar Hollywood production and that, when playing them, we have wondered what it would be like to see them in movie theaters. This happens with the ‘Uncharted’ saga, which does not hide from showing its tribute to adventure films like ‘Indiana Jones. We tell you in our review , that it is still a product inferior to the great game developed by Naughty Dog, but that it is also a very enjoyable, exciting film that is worth seeing on the big screen. If you also loved the production with Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, we leave you 8 curiosities below these lines.

  • 1- Many recognized names from the world of cinema sounded for this project. Before Ruben Fleischer was chosen as director, David O. Russell, Seth Gordon or Shawn Levy were interested in the story. Also, Bryan Cranston, Jake Gyllenhaal or Woody Harrelson were considered for the role of Sully. Finally, Mark Wahlberg was chosen, despite being initially thought to star in the film as Nathan.
  • 2- After a decade trying to move the project forward, the Covid-19 ran into the path of the filming crew. And it is that Tom Holland was denied entry on the first day because there was a positive among those present ” We showed up for our first day of filming and they blocked our way ”, he commented.
  • 3- Holland only had three days off between filming this film and ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, one in Berlin and the other in Atlanta.
  • 4- A behind-the-scenes clip from the movie shows that Tom Holland participated in several action scenes without a stunt double. Among them, the one that he considers the most risky of his career: The plane scene, since he was “30 meters in the air, tied to a box that was spinning”.
  • 5- During the filming of No Way Home, Holland told his co-star Zendaya about Uncharted and she did not hesitate to tell him her honest opinion: “There is a trick I did where I fell out of a plane… well, I am hit by a car that is falling out of a plane.” And she said, ”Wait, what? How the hell does that happen? This movie sounds ridiculous!”
  • 6- We will not go into spoilers, but several scenes of the films are shot on the streets (and rooftops) of the city of Barcelona.
  • 7- Seeing the great box office success of the film, it is not surprising that we will soon have another sequel, but many wonder if there will be a spin-off of a specific character. Sophia Ali brings Chloe Frazer to life and let’s remember that she has her own title in the video game saga, so we may come across a story starring this beloved character.
  • 8- Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland became good friends during the filming, in fact the first of these ensures that Tom is already like a little brother to him.


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