Week days in English

week days

Week days in English, Today we leave you some files and resources to learn the days of the week in English . New English worksheets with vocabulary and exercises to learn what the days are and also to write in the English language. We will also learn how to say other concepts related to days (yesterday, tomorrow, today…).

Days of the week in English for children

What are the days of the week in English? We want to know what the days of the week are in English . For this we are going to use these cards that we offer as educational material to learn the English language . Among them, five in total, you can find both vocabulary cards and exercises,

How do you write the seven days of the week in English? The first card of this collection helps us to learn in an easy and visual way. Use this worksheet to print and let the children learn the vocabulary of the week.

  1. Sunday – Sunday
  2. Monday – Monday
  3. Tuesday – Tuesday
  4. Wednesday – Wednesday
  5. Thursday – Thursday
  6. Friday – Friday
  7. Saturday – Saturday

Learn the days of the week in English

Below we present each of the sheets to teach children the week in English . Use these vocabulary and worksheets as educational resources both at home and in class.

Write the days of the week in English We present the same worksheet with some variation. This is already a worksheet to complete writing in English. In addition, we have included the translation into Spanish. Remember that whenever you want to consult any translation you can consult this dictionary .

This material is available to you, whether you are a parent of school-age children, or you are a teacher and want to use it as photocopiable material for class. Another interesting resource can be this English alphabet for children.

Other exercises: days of the week

This material has been updated in 2022 with new materials, but you can still access the old ones. In addition, they are also included in the pdf notebook.

In the following card we find again the days of the week with drawings in English, ideal for teaching children new vocabulary words. You can also see others with the words of the seven days with dotted lines: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Children can review the words with both pencil and colors if we want to make the activity more creative.

Exercise without drawings. In this worksheet we link the week and its days in English with the days of the week in Spanish. Another card without children’s reasons, so it can also be suitable for use in classes with adults. If you print them for children, they can review above the dotted lines, both in English and Spanish, practice their writing and serve as reinforcement.

Days in English: tomorrow, yesterday, today, week…

In addition to the days of the week, there are other terms with which we can refer to the days. We can express ourselves and make sentences about days without mentioning the day of the week. For example: today, yesterday, tomorrow…. Here are some vocabulary words that relate to days:w

  • Week – Week.
  • Today – Today.
  • Tomorrow – Tomorrow.
  • Yesterday – Yesterday.
  • Weekend – Weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Weekdays – Weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).
  • Workdays – Working days.

You can study and practice them using the following worksheets to print. You will find the PDF below. This PDF notebook includes the printable material that you have seen on the page:

Download pdf

If you liked these materials, you can download them all together in the following pdf. This book to print includes activities to learn the days in English, as well as the words to talk about days (today, tomorrow, yesterday, week…).

Other cards to learn English for free

We hope that you have liked our selection of English activities related to the week and its days , that they have helped you and that the children have loved them. We leave you some recommendations of other basic English materials for children that you can print for free from our website: the verb To be, the hours, the alphabet…