What color Start with “I”

Start with “I”
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Start with “I”. Are you wondering what color name in Spanish begins with the letter “i”? It would not be strange if, at some point, that question comes to mind because almost no color start with “I”. In fact, there are really only two: the color indigo and the color iris.

We have expanded the list including other names that have become commonly used, but even so there are only five color names with “i” that we have managed to collect and that we list below. Do you know any more?

starts with “i” Indigo
Also called “indigo”, it is a dark blue color. Isaac Newton named the dark blue fringe of the rainbow spectrum “indigo.” The word indigo comes from the Latin “indicus”, which means “from India” and refers to the fact that a dark blue dye was imported from India mainly for textile use.
Also called a lily, it is a purple, a purple like that of the petals of lilies.
It is a grayish color, that is, it is a white in transition to black, or it can also be explained as a white with yellowish shades. In fact, for example, white clothes that have been losing whiteness over time or because they have not been washed properly are often called Elizabethan. And it is said that this denomination is due to the fact that in the 16th century the infanta Isabel, daughter of King Felipe II of Spain, promised not to change her white clothes until she took the city of Ostend in Belgium and that triumph was prolonged up to three years.
Actually, in Spanish it is “Indian red” or “rust red” but the use of the anglicism “indianred” has spread. It is a dark red color widely used in India and hence, of course, its name.  Obtained from the natural iron oxides of the red earth. It has been used since prehistory, since it is one of the first permanent pigments to be discovered, and paintings and cave engravings made with that color are still preserved in caves.
Also, in reality, in Spanish it is the color “ivory” and the translation of this word into English is “ivory”, but the use of this anglicism has also spread. It is, of course, the color of ivory, a cream color, a very light orange-yellow.

These names will be useful for your games of “Enough” if you say “color start with I”. And if the question is another, maybe one of the following entries can help you:  

Foods and meals that start with “I”

start with “I”. Have you noticed the very few foods and meals whose names begin with the letter “i” in the Spanish language? Surely yes if you are a player of “Enough!” (“Tutti frutti”, “Mercadito!”, “Stop”, “Pen still”, “Pen out”…) and have you ever missed completing meals, foods, fruits… that begin with “i”, you have probably racking my brain trying to go beyond, for example, “figs” (which is clearly not valid because it starts with “h”) or attempts that could seem tricky like “iceberg” (it would be “iceberg lettuce”, apart from being a word English) or doubtful such as “insects” or “iguana” (although they are eaten in some places, they could be questioned as properly belonging to the food category). 

start with “I”

Interestingly, there are very few words in Spanish that start with “i” and name food or meals. This is a list of some that we have been able to find, and in fact to make it a little longer we have had to include some of those cases that may seem tricky or doubtful.

  • Icaco: Fruit of the Chrysobalanus icaco, a shrub found in tropical America. It is very sweet and with it, for example, sweet cocoa is prepared in Venezuela and Colombia.
  • Ilama: Fruit of the Annona macroprophyllata, also called anona, a tree found in Central America. Similar in flavor to mango, it is also known as the lowland custard apple.
  • Infusion: Drink that we obtain with hot water and the leaves, flowers, fruits or seeds of some plants. Among the most popular are coffee, tea, mate, tila…
  • Floating Island: French dessert that consists of meringue floating on English cream.
  • Intestines: Cow, pig, lamb… they are eaten in many places in different preparations such as tripe, chicken or zarajo.
  • Idiazabal: A sheep’s milk cheese that is made in Spain exclusively in the Basque Country and Navarra.
  • Inchicuchu / Inchi: With the fruit of the Plukenetia volubilis plant (inchi, sacha inchi, sacha peanut, Inca peanut or jíbaro peanut), the Inchicuchu sauce, very spicy, is prepared in the Loretana lands of Peru, with which they usually accompany the cooked yuccas.
  • Inglesitos: Sandwiches battered with ham and cheese.
Begin with “I”
  • Ipsi: Small fish -edible, of course- found in Lake Titicaca.
  • Isabella: Grape variety.
  • Ideal: Grape variety.
  • Igüelo: Name with which in some places of Andalusia the Mullus barbatus is called, better known as mud mullet.
  • Inanga: fish with the scientific name of Galaxias maculatus, called Puye in Chile and Puyén chico in Argentina. 
  • Inllaulá: Name, in Ecuador, of the fish Albula vulpes, better known as macabijo or macabí.
  • Isabelita: In countries like Mexico, Colombia or Cuba, different fish are called Isabelita. There are also numerous varieties such as Isabelita azul, Isabelita machín, Isabelita medioluto, Isabelita ojitos or Isabelita buzzard, among others.
  • Izote / Itabo: Flower of the elephant foot yucca -national symbol of Ecuador- with which different dishes are prepared in various Central American countries.
  • Itacate: in Mexico it refers to corn tortillas with beans or chili and beans or also to the takeaway food that is left over after a meeting.
  • Istete / Ixtete:   Typical sweet from the Mexican state of Nayarit.
  • Indano: Also known as Nance, it is a cherry-like fruit found throughout the Amazon and other parts of tropical America.

Well, sure there are more but… probably not many. But here you have a few names of foods and meals that start with “i” to satisfy your curiosity or so that you don’t cheat or don’t get cheated when you play “Enough!” in Spanish.


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