What is school government?

Importance of school government
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What is school government?To better understand what School Government is, we can first point out that it is made up
of the different instances and forms of participation in educational establishments, whether public or private.

The School Government and all its instances also become an opportunity, which allows strengthening the autonomy of
the educational field as the first stage in which a civic, democratic, citizen and pluralistic formation is developed,
thus generating the reunion, reconciliation and peace.

Importance of school government

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The school government is a real space, in which training and democratic participation are encouraged, and students have
the opportunity not only to choose but also, they can become elected to form such a government, they also have
the important job of represent the interests of their educational community.

This allows students to develop their capacity for political leadership, and all their initiatives are taken into consideration,
thanks to the participation of all components of the educational community, as well as the operation of
the Institutional Educational Project.

What does school government allow to do?

Once the school government is established, it will be able to carry out the following .

  • Ensure all the rights as well as the duties of the students
  • It focuses on promoting the development of skills, within which we can point out; decision making, teamwork and conflict resolution.
  • It seeks to promote knowledge and analysis of student problems in each of the students,
    so that many more alternative solutions can be proposed.
  • Promote the values ​​that identify the educational institution and thus ensure compliance with all the rules established
    within the coexistence manual.
  • Communicate to students at all times the relationship with all those decisions as well as assemblies and other events
    that have been scheduled to take place in the institution.
  • Encourage the active participation of their peers so that many more initiatives are presented that allow generating
    a correct and harmonious development of student life in the institution.

Who make up the School Government?

These are the components that make up the entire structure of a School Government

  • Board of Directors
  • Rector
  • Academic Council
  • Evaluation and Promotion Commissions
  • Student Representative
  • Student council
  • Institutional Welfare Committee
  • Disciplinary Council
  • Teachers Council
  • Parent association

At the time of the conformation of the school government , this becomes a real space of participation
where not only the students are protagonists, but also the parents and the teachers themselves are part of this.

Likewise, it is a space in which the dynamics of a democratic society are learned and known, contributing to
the formation of civic and citizen values ​​and internalizing what ethics and public care are.

Bodies that make up the school government and their functions

Below you can see what are the functions performed by the different components of the school government.

  • The rectory. It is the one in charge of carrying out the orientation and execution of the institutional educational project
    and is also in charge of applying the decisions that are made within the school government.
  • The board of directors. It is the one who is in charge of making the decisions that influence the functioning of the institution,
    except in those cases where the decisions are the responsibility of another authority, for example we can mention
    those decisions that are reserved to the administrative direction, in the case of private institutions. .
  • The academic council. This council fulfills the function of consulting body of the Board of Directors within the institution,
    it is also in charge of studying the curriculum and promoting its continuous improvement.
  • The student representative. This component is in charge of promoting the fulfillment of all the rights as well as the duties
    that students have, making use of the institution’s internal means of communication.
  • The student council. It invites to its deliberations those students who present initiatives in relation to the development of student life.

How it is decided or chosen who will make up the Student Government

The educational community is the one who has the responsibility to choose some of the members of the educational
institution, always taking into account the regulations established by each institution.

The regulations regarding school governance within public and private schools must always be established within
the framework of the regulations that are issued by the Ministry of Education.

However, election by popular vote is the mechanism used by educational institutions, so as to guarantee
the participation and democratic training of students.