What is white noise for sleep?


In general, when we talk about noise, it is because it bothers us. Even more so when we are sensitive to it. But sometimes the noise can be soothing, like the sound of rain falling, waves coming and going, or the wind brushing leaves. Noises are not neutral, but have different tones that affect our feelings in different ways. Today we talk about white noise. What is white noise? How and why does it work?

What is white noise?

White noise is when the emitted sound masks all or part of the surrounding noise. Specifically, these are repetitive or continuous noises: the sound of waves or rain, but also the beating of the heart or even a vacuum cleaner.

Why are these noises called white? Simply because an analogy is made with white light. White noise contains all the frequencies that the human ear perceives, just as white light contains all the visible colors.

Often associated with sleep, white noise is a solution to help children fall asleep. Noise to fall asleep, what a strange idea!

But there’s a reason for this: white noise tends to have a uniform, monotonous intensity. There are no spikes or rhythm changes. It is this almost hypnotic regularity that allows our brain to ignore high pitched sounds or any other disturbing sounds and thus promote calmness until we fall asleep.

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What white noise for my toddler?

Even before the results of the very serious studies that have been carried out, all parents have already noticed that their baby falls asleep more or less easily at the sound of the vacuum cleaner or the washing machine. But, as we often say, every child is different. Each child will react in one way or another to the noises around him. Some will be reassured by the sound of the dryer, others will be scared. The key is to observe. Try, observe and repeat the experiment when you have the right sound.

There are many ways to put your baby to sleep. You can try to do a washing machine at the exact time, take him for a ride in the car or just use a white noise machine. It has the advantage of being portable and can be used even on car trips.

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White Noise Night Light This understated night light effectively masks distracting noises by playing soothing sounds to create an environment conducive to sleep, relaxation or concentration. You can choose between 5 audio tracks or even record a voice, music or sound of your choice on the 6th audio track.

maxi noise generator This maxi noisemaker masks sleep-disturbing noises by playing soft, soothing sounds. Create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation thanks to the night light ring with adjustable intensity. Choose from a warm amber dim light or change the color and intensity to find the one that’s right for you. Let yourself be surrounded by the white, brown and pink sounds of nature or music. In total, you can choose between 24 different sounds.

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the colors of noise

Depending on their intensity, noises can have other colors: pink noise, blue noise, brown noise, also called red noise, or violet noise. The color of the noise is determined by the energy of the sound signal. But they are mostly derived from white noise, with lower or higher frequencies.

For example, brown noise is deeper than white noise. It can help you relax, focus and improve your sleep. White noise is a type of background noise that includes, for example, the noise of a vacuum cleaner or fan, or sounds from nature such as rain or waves. Brown noise is more of a deep roar, the sound of waterfalls or thunder.

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Mini white noise generator – penguin : ¡The new essential to have on hand in case of sensory overload or emotional or to sleep outside your usual environment! This mini white noise generator will be your ally to create a bubble of serenity wherever you are.

Plays 6 soothing sounds (white noise, brown noise, lullabies…). The shell is made of food grade silicone. Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 3.5 cm.

Sensory owl plush toy: A very soft toy to the touch that emits 8 sounds to fall asleep or reassure children. An automatic sound sensor (which can be deactivated) allows the sound to be activated with minimal noise from the child. Auto power off after 23 or 45 minutes. 4 sounds (heartbeat, rain, waves and whale song) and 4 relaxing melodies. Works with 2 AA batteries included. Size 24cm. From 0 months.

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