Young Children and 21st Century Competitions


For 22 years, Hop’Toys has been selecting toys and solutions for families and professionals that allow all children to awaken to the world through the senses, to discover by experimenting and to learn while having fun. Through original tools, Hop’Toys also contributes its experience in building an education that respects the child’s personality and development. Therefore, we invite you to download this accordion with the 5 key skills of the 21st century, to develop in children.

But what are 21st century skills?

The skills of the 21st century are those that will allow us to face the challenges of a world in constant change, saturated with information, which offers infinite interactions:

  • Learning and innovation skills: creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration.
  • Information, media and technology skills: knowledge of information, media and computing.
  • Life and professional skills: flexibility and adaptability, initiative and autonomy, sociability and intercultural competence, productivity, leadership and responsibility.

Although all of these skills play an important role, five of them are essential to individual success. They are the so-called “5Cs”: cooperation, communication, critical thinking, creativity and being a responsible citizen.

Let’s not raise our children for today’s world. That world will no longer exist when they grow up.

Maria Montessori, Italian pediatrician and pedagogue.

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